Social marketing for a better society

All over the world, public service advertising has proven to be an effective way to increase AIDS awareness, promote energy saving, fight domestic violence, or reduce road deaths by encouraging the use of seat belts.

In fact, many national governments are among the largest advertisers. Over the last years, the British government has consistently spent more money on advertising than all but two companies in the country, rising to second place in 2007.1

Companies too are using advertising to help address societal challenges. They are increasingly conscious that, beyond selling brands and ideas, advertising can be used to show how they can help make a difference.

Procter & Gamble's Ariel consumers in the UK reduced their energy use by 41% as a result of the Ariel Cool Clean campaign, which encourages consumers to wash at 30°C without a loss in washing results. For a family of four this results in average savings of around 43 kg of CO2 - the equivalent of driving 240 km - from being released into the atmosphere per year.

1Advertising Age, 21 Annual Global Marketers report; Nielsen Media Research