Advertising is the lifeblood of the media

Advertising funds a diverse, pluralistic media landscape. Without advertising, many of the
world’s media as we know them would not exist.

67% Of internet users willing to receive more ads in return for free content
  • To replace advertising revenues, newspapers would have to double their cover price.1
  • On television and radio, the variety of sport, drama, news and children’s programs that we have come to expect would be unthinkable without advertising. An estimated 94% of revenues from children’s TV advertising in the EU are directly reinvested in children’s programs.2

On the internet, advertising funds new forms of communication which are breaking down borders and barriers across the world by giving a voice to many who were voiceless before.

‘Advertising is an integral part of the freedom of expression. It is impossible in a democracy to separate the freedom of publishing or broadcasting news, opinions or entertainment, from the freedom of advertising.’ Francisco Pinto Balsemao, Former Prime Minister of Portugal

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